Let’s Get Trashed!

June 7, 2016

Yes, it’s Trashing Time once more in Oxford. As pictured, it’s the time for students, Finals or Prelims over, to let rip along Merton Lane and get doused in cheap Pop (such are the economic times for even some of the gentry, we hear), shaving foam, whipped cream, flour, confetti, silly string, party poppers and pretty much anything else to hand, by their ‘up for a trashing you’ friends.


On the streets of Oxford, meanwhile, no one appears too bothered by such shenanigans, the Town having had eight hundred years to get used to student silliness and cleaning up after them.


As for the University, it’s officially frowned upon with fines threatened and sometimes imposed. Currently, Christ Church are shutting their gate off Merton Lane from noon for a couple of hours to keep the revellers at bay.


In 2010, stuff like rotten eggs, fish, baked beans and tomato ketchup were banned by The Examinations Schools in an attempt to clean up the bill of fayre on offer.


Glitter suffered a similar fate. As one notice declared in large capital letters: ‘No Glitter Anywhere in the College! Glitter is Banned from the College! Got it?! No Glitter!’ The fate suffered by any transgressor remaining a reasonably hefty fine. Worse, the lasting opprobrium of the college porters who are responsible for clearing up the mess.


A while back a Junior Dean, working on the principle of forewarned is forearmed, reportedly suggested that students inform the College re their trashy intentions.

‘I’m going to trash.’
‘You’ve considered this fully?’
‘Yes, Junior Dean, I have, logically, from first principles.’
‘Okay, let’s have it.’
‘Pop first, or straight into the eggs and flour?’
‘You’re fined!’


Enjoy the silliness! And don’t worry, you won’t get dragged into the mêlée; just don’t get too close!


And thanks to the beanoed chap in the photo for sharing his obvious enjoyment with us.

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