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Chris Peters guide for Tours of Oxford
All the Guides at Tours of Oxford are with us because they are the best Oxford has to offer and share our core values of facts, fun and celebration. Apart from their encyclopaedic knowledge and love of Oxford, many are specialists in art, history, architecture and literature: just the right person to guide you around Oxford.
Enjoy your Oxford times with us















CHRIS has known Oxford for over twenty years, including a spell at the University where he learnt many useful things including how to tie a bow-tie and  the correct spoon for the soup.

On returning to Oxford with my family from Africa, I decided to pursue my passion for history and fascination with Oxford by becoming a tour guide, and setting up Tours of Oxford. I also now hold a MsC in English Local History from Kellogg College back at the University. 

The wonderful response to our tours and our guides has been more than we could have imagined back when we started. 


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